PA4 - 2x300W/4ohm Solid State Power Amplifier

This amplifier was inspired by conversation with John Curl in a ‘Blowtorch thread’, as well as by his thoughts ( ).

The aim was to build a reliable, solid, good sounding amplifier. Topology of the amplifier is complementary differential, with JFET input, MOSFET cascode and VAS, and BJT output stage with 4 pairs of 15A transistors.

Simplified, basic schematics is shown in the following image:



Solid state, dual mono design, stereo power amplifier. Inputs: 1 pair balanced (WLR). Outputs: 2 pairs binding posts. Protection circuits: DC output, AC current overload, DC current overload.


The PA4 amplifier photos





Pavel Macura, 10/2009 - 09/2011

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